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dutch CV
my Jack Russell terrier
Let me introduce myself. My name is Maryon Widdershoven. I am a dutch woman of .... . Oh no, I can do better! Let me give you a chance to know "all" about me. My curriculum vitae in dutch or in english will show you.
My resume does not tell that I'm a vegetarian, a good listener, a good doctor and an idealist! I like to laugh, but don't like jokes that embarrass or hurt other people. I'm an eveningperson, love the sunset and the evening twilight. It is a great event to walk on the beach at that hour with my Jack Russell terrier, something I can't do anymore because he died on August 8th 2001. He was run over by a car while waiting on the sidewalk.
And so is hearing the nightingale sing at 3 am, when everything else is silent.   up to top of page


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