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My Jack Russell terrier

10 years now

He was born on the 31th of May 1989 in Scotland, UK. We visited our friends who live there in Gagie House, in Angus near Dundee. They had this little Jack Russell bitch, named Jeannie McBean, who had given birth to four little ones. The moment I saw him I was hooked, being three weeks old, discovering life and becoming real bold. We named him Joeri McBean of Gagie (a name we only use when he is disobedient). Going back to the Netherlands, we travelled with Joeri in a brown canvas shoppingbag. Long after this he had in his mind a bag was something to sleep in, to the often unpleasant surprise of the owners of that particular bag. He thinks every person in the world is his friend and ready to play with him. And so is every dog, except big dangerous looking ones. They have to be attacked because they might become a danger to me, one never can know!

And now he is dead, died on the 8th of August 2001

little jumping doggy
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