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Curriculum Vitae

Maryon Widdershoven
first names:
Maria Yolande
date of birth:
23 July 1955
time of birth:
13.15 GMT
place of birth:
The Netherlands
married to :
dr H.J.L.Hagebeuk
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Education and Postgraduate Courses


1973 June "Highschool" (HAVO) certificate in Vught (town near Den Bosch)
1976 January Received a Certificate of Drawing in Eindhoven by evening studies
1976 June Received an Arts and Crafts "A" certificate in Tilburg
1978 June Received an Arts and Crafts "B" certificate in Tilburg
1978 June Pre-university (VWO) certificate obtained by evening studies in Tilburg
1978 September Began study of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam
1979 May Completed a six month evening course "Organization of the Healthcare-system" in Tilburg
1981 December Received the Bachelor of Medicine in Amsterdam
1984 March Passed examinations for the 'drs' degree in Medicines in Amsterdam
1986 August Passed the Medical Qualifying Examination in Amsterdam after having done most of the interships in The Saint Laurentius Hospital in Roermond
1989 November Completed a year-long, part-time course in "Medical Care for Elderly People" in Utrecht
1990 January Completed a post graduate course (PAOG) "Dilemma's in Geriatry" in Leiden
1990 August Present State Examination (PSE) training gevolgd te Maastricht
1990 September House course "Middle Management" successfully completed
1991 November Post graduate course Geriatric Medicines completed in Eindhoven
1992 January Completed a course "Emergency Medicines" in Amsterdam
1992 March Completed a course "ECG Interpretations" in Eindhoven
1992 September Received a certificate "Higher Management in Hospitals and Institutions" in Eindhoven after two years of evening studies
1992 October House course "Working in Projects" created and completed
1993 October Completed a workshop "Psychiatric Rehabilitation" in Eindhoven
1994 December Completed a course "Skills in Dermatology" in Leiden
1995 September Completed a course "Advances in the Nursinghome Medicine Practise" in Leiden
1995 November Conferentie "Ouderenpsychiatrie, een jong terrein" te Rotterdam bezocht
1995 December Completed a course " MS Word 6.0" in Zoetermeer
1996 March Completed a course " MS Excel 5.0 basics" in The Hague
1998 May Completed a course "Non-compliance of patiŽnts with Diabetes Mellitus, borders for care; a care?" in Eindhoven
1999 January Training "Presenting at Scientific Meetings" in Triest
1999 December Course "Programming Concepts" through Internet (HWG)


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1990 March Registred as nursing home doctor (verpleeghuisarts)
1996 March Renewed registration as nursinghome doctor, valid till 1 May 2001
1998 July applying for registration as Social Geriatrist
1999 September Registration as Social Geriatrist


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1982 August - 1984 August Teaching Pathology at a school of MBO (Secondary Occupational Education) in Eindhoven (this got me the license to teach Sanitary Science).
1986 August - September Teaching Pathology at the former MBO, now MDGO-VP (Secondary Occupational Education for Nurses), and at the HBO-J (Higher Occupational Education in Youthwork) in Eindhoven.
1986 September - 1987 September Medical Assistent for Internal Medicines, Surgery, Orthopedics and First Aid in The Saint Laurentius Hospital in Roermond.
1987 September - 1988 August Medical assistent for Psychiatry, in a ward for people with chronic psychiatric disabilities in de Grote Beek, psychiatric hospital in Eindhoven.
1987 October - 1989 April Teaching First Aid for the Red Cross in Eindhoven.
1988 August - 1994 July CoŲrdinator of Care and Treatment of the longstay and -care departments in psychiatric hospital De Grote Beek in Eindhoven. This meant giving somatic and psychiatric care to 83 patients and managing two multidisciplinary teams.
1989 May - 1992 June Co-founder and member of the Comittee of Faults Or Near Accidents in De Grote Beek, aimed at prevention of incidents in patient care.
1989 June Co-organizer and speaker of the symposium "From Total Institution to Individual Wellbeing" for longstay and -care departments in psychiatric hospitals in The Netherlands and Belgium.
1992 April- 1994 May Member of the Advisory Group of a nationwide innovation research, initiated by the Inspection of Mental Healthcare. From January to May 1993 I was a member of a group of people that prepared innovation-proposals for the above mentioned research.
1990 May - 1993 April Member of the projectgroup "Description of Functions" of The Dutch Society of Medical Doctors Somatic Working in Psychiatry (Nederlandse Vereniging van Artsen Somatisch werkzaam in de Psychiatrie, NVASP).
1994 April - 1999 May Member of the national board of the NVASP. My first assignment was to make a strategic plan for the society together with the members of the southern region. This assignment was completed in 1995. It led to regional year plans.
1994 July - 1996 November Manager of Care for a department for continuing treatment for older adults in the foundation Rosenburg, center for psychiatry and psychogeriatry.
1994 July - 1998 September Manager of Care for a department for longterm escorting of older adults in the former foundation Rosenburg, center for psychiatry and psychogeriatry, later foundation RBC.
1996 April - 1999 March Project coordinator PAZT (Psychiatrische Aanvullende Zorg Thuis = Psychiatric Substituted Care at Home), a project in The Hague for older adults with chronic psychiatric disabilities, who want to reside in their own residence. This project is a co-operation of the Psychiatric Hospital, Ambulant Care and Homecare. It received a prize in June 1999
1996 November - now Medical doctor in a project named "HBR project" (Houthaghe, Bezuidenhout, Rosenburg, these are the names of the organizations that participate), a co-operation project in order to escort older adults with psychiatric disabilities with the transition from the psychiatric hospital to the home for elderly.
1998 September - 1999 February Manager of Care of HBR (Houthaghe, Bezuidenhout, Rosenburg).
1998 January - now Member of the Committee for Care-planning
1998 May - 1999 May Chairperson of the project Residential Provision For Older Adults With Psychiatric Disabilities, a project initiated by The Geriatric Network The Hague, to find alternatives for residing older adults with psychiatric disabilities.
1999 February - now Manager of Care of the Department Residing, which involves HBR and medical doctor of elderly people with longterm psychiatric disabilities in a hospitalward.


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Domestic Publications and Lectures

1989 June Lecture: "From Total Institute to Individual Wellbeing".
1990 December Strategic plan for De Driesprong department.
Strategic plan for Verzorging "B" department.
1992 June Dutch translation of Basic Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.
1993 August Strategic publication: "Ouderenzorgcircuit en verzorgingsafdelingen" (Elderly Care Circuit and Longterm Care Departments).
1993 September Dutch translation of Fifteen Myths from "Psychiatric Rehabilitation"
1993 October Lecture: "Revalidation: a Vision on Assistance".
1993 October Publication for Discussion: "Medical Decisions in the Last Phase of Life".
1995 December Inventory of psychiatric transmural projects in the Netherlands
1996 June Apply for starting the project Psychiatric Substituted Care Home (PSCH) for older people.
1997 October Implementationplan PSCH
1999 March Renewed publication of the Implementationplan PSCH
2000 February Training for Rehabilitatie '92 about rehabilitation of older people


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Publications and Lectures

1993 September Article "Psychopharmacia" being co-author in an informationbook of Ypsilon, a society for family of patients with schizofrenia.
1994 June Old, Ill and a Little Crazy; Medical Decisions in the Last Phase of Life. Lecture and discussion for interested laity.
1995 April Editing of the strategic plan "NVASP to 2000".
1996 April Lecture "Medical Decisions in the Last Phase of Life"
1998 December Article "PSCH, a hand is more than jsut a collection of fingers" in The Hague Transmural, nr 3
1999 February Lecture and abstract about PSCH for clinical and social geriatrists and others interested in Geriatrics, in Ede
1999 October Workshop about PSCH for the National Rehabilitationday in Utrecht
2000 January Abstract about PSCH in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
2001 September Lecture and abstract about PSCH for the Tenth Congress of the International Psychogeriatric Association in Nice, France


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1983 September - 1992 January Boardmember FAG (Federatie van Astrologische Groeperingen in het nederlandse taalgebied = Federation of Astrological Groups in the Dutch Language Area)
1985 September - 1991 June Boardmember AVE (Astrologische Vereniging Eindhoven = Astrological Society Eindhoven)
1986 September - 1998 May Boardmember of the NAC (Nederlands Astrologen Congres = Dutch Astrologers Congress), co-organizer of the yearly astrological congress in conference hall KdK (Kontakt der Kontinenten = Contact of Continents) in Soesterberg, near Utrecht.
1988 September - 1990 May Chairperson KAC (Kwaliteit in Astrologie Commissie = Quality in Astrology Comittee), comittee set up by FAG
1991 June - 1994 June Chairperson AVE
1992 January - 1996 March Vice-chairperson FAG
New Age
1987 May - 1989 May Member of the organizing committee of the first international congress on Geo-Cosmic Relations, held 19-22 April 1989 in Amsterdam

1994 October Surfing, discussion
1995 September Medical information source for the supportgroup #cancer-survivors
1997 October Beginning of my own webpage
1998 January Made a webpage for the Freemasons Lodge L'Union Royale in The Hague
1998 June Made a website for the Free Academy in The Hague
1999 March Website made for Kokopelli Arts Webdesign
1999 April Start of my own company: Kokopelli Arts Webdesign

1997 May Performing artist, for selfdevelopment
1997 June Member of the National Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland
1997 July Study travel (twice) to Sculpture Projects in Münster, Germany
1997 August Study travel to Documenta X in Kassel, Germany
1997 September Member of the Free Academy in The Hague
1998 August Participant at an exhibition at the Free Academy in The Hague
1999 April Participant at the exhibition "Muzen" in castle of Alden-Biezen in Belgium
2001 August Participant in an artmanifestation in A(rt)ssenede in Belgium


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