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My Job

Guérir parfois Sometimes curing Soms genezen
Soulager souvent Often relieving Vaak verlichten
Consoler toujours Always comforting Altijd troosten
Parnassia, psycho-medisch centrum   This is an important motto for me as a physician. I'm registred as a social geriatric doctor (sociaal geriater) and nursinghome doctor and work in an organization called Parnassia Groep, a combination of several divisions. I work in the part that is called Parnassia, psycho-medisch centrum (Parnassia psycho-medical center). It exsists since January 1th 1999, and is a merge of several institutions and organisations of mental health care in the province South Holland.
    I work as a head of a department called Residence for Elderly psychiatry. I have the resposibility for the care and treatment of persons who want longterm guidance and care in there own environment. A manager and I run this department. My aim is to provide those older adults with the treatment and care they want and need. Their wish is my startingpoint. The mission statement I use goes like: helping older adults to live and have a good quality of life in an environment of their choice, with as less professional aid as possible, but as much as wished for.
schizophrenia   I work for older adults with longterm psychiatric impairments and disabilities. Half of the people who live in the ward suffer from schizophrenia (in dutch), the other half has chronic depression, manic-depressive disorder or personality disorders.
    The department has developed fine in the past years. Maybe it is time for me now to move on. I'm contemplating this, also because I live in Delft now, and would like to work closer to home.


first follow-up prize

  From december 1995 till the 1th of March 1999 I worked as a projectmanager, developing a new form of support for older adults with longterm psychiatric disabilities, called PAZT, Psychiatrische Aanvullende Zorg Thuis (in english: Psychiatric Supplementary Care at Home). It has become a very successful form of support. It has won the first follow-up prize of the Willem Arntsz Elderlystamps Prize 1999 (and in dutch). With the care and guidance provided by PAZT older people can live in their own homes and get the care they need.
    In order to be able to spent more time making art, I started to work less on September 1th 1998. Now I'am payed for 20 hours a week, which is a little more then a halftime job.
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