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Psychiatric Supplementary Care at Home
(for older adults)
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Jury Report of the Willem Arntsz - Elderlystamps Prize 1999
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Psychiatric Supplementary Care at Home:

The jury is of the opinion that in an excellent way this project supplies 'care-made-to-measure'. In order to do this a 'virtual' organization is developed, able to answer every thinkable question for support of older persons on any life-area. The help and service is supplied in a facilitating way. Also to family, acquaintances and other helpers adequate support is given if needed.
The jury has the judgement that this initiative in the (creative) way of enforcement is thought true well and unique in the Netherlands. It is immediatly transportable to all other Mental Health institutions in the Netherlands, not only for older persons, but also for adults and has by this an explicit examplary function. The project is interesting as a renewal of care.

The jury awards this project the first follow-up prize with the amount of fl. 10.000,=

Conclusion why nominated:
PSCH is a newly created professional organization that aimes at keeping people with a longterm psychiatric disability as long as possible in the home-situation or in case of a lengthly stay in a psychiatric hospital, treat, nurse and support them to and in their own home-situation. In doing so a lengthly hospitalisation is broken through or prevented. The jury is of the opinion that this project can serve as an example-project. Actually this PSCH should be given as regular psychiatric care. It has a high efficiency. Strictly spoken it is not renewing, since it is used for some time in the care for adults in Parnassia. Tho for elderlycare in the psychiatry the project is new. The contribution misses a description of the tangible support to helpers. Great appreciation exists for the dictate of the patient/client with regard to the supportive care and for the enthusiasm of the workers who fulfill this pioneering job.
The entry is worth a nomination because the jury thinks that one can speak of an example-project that immediatly can be used in all regions of mental healthcare in the Netherlands.

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last modified: 11 June 1999