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this is how I look 700 days after the death of Henk

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Again it is a long time I've updated those pages. I'm not that frequent behind the computer anymore. My life has taken such a different direction, with a wonderful man and a boy trying very hard to become a man. On december the 15th last year we got married, the three of us. After the ceremony we first had a great hour on the little car Janpaul had made from a mowingmachine. After that we had lunch with some family and close friends. Since I promised to come by at my work, we drove to The Hague and had a little afternoon party with all the people in the ward. And finally we went to see the newest Harry Potter movie. We were so tired we didn't go for a fancy diner but went home. A memorable day, it has been indeed.

At the moment I have sculptures exhibited at De Haagse Kunstkring in The Hague. I received very good critics on those new ones. Not all of the sculptures I've made in the last six years are on this site now. It seems I can't find time to update those pages.

At the end of 2003 I went back to my friends in Scotland and dispersed the ashes of Henk there on a beautiful spot. It feels good, closed down a period of many years. There is a separate webpage with some pictures of the place. It is an ancient graveyard of the Templars.
My friends live in a beautiful estate, Gagiehouse. I had a good time with them, their children, their friends and dogs.

In a little project I've introduced the paraprintemps.

My life changed when Henk died on the 5th of April 2001. That same year, on the 8th of August my little dog died as well. These are facts, memories I will carry with me. Henk was and always will be the love of my life.

In the light of these life-events, nothing seemed really important anymore. The same with my memories of my trip to New Zealand (site is in dutch), to stay with my sister and make a stairs in her garden. She has been so great to me. During my stay in New Zealand I've made a trip on the south island. My encounter with the enormous ability of nature in New Zealand to regenerate made me realize I have the same capacity in me. .

The pictures of my last birthday together with Henk will stay in this site. He had given me a flight in a hotair balloon.

I've stopped making websites, the lack of time has made me do this.But I should work on a few website. I've stopped maintaining the site for the Free Academy in The Hague so it isn't my responsibility how it looks nowadays. The maintenance of the website of an artist friend Lichel van den Ende will go to someone else.

This website "I Did It" exists since november 1997. Don't be shy to look into my pages, there isn't a single word in it I don't want you to read. And yes, after reading them, you know a lot about me! Be curious and enjoy yourself!! The pages haven't been updated for a long time, tho.


Resilience IV (2004)  

Maryon Widdershoven

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